1. Pretreatment
After sustainable cleaning several processes are executed related to the b.m. extraction technology:
Alkaline process - for gelatin type B

2. Extraction
The pretreated bovine hides are then processed with warm water in several processes. The first extracts, obtained at relatively low temperatures, are of firmest texture (Bloom) and neutral color. The extraction solutions contain approximately 6 - 7 % pure gelatin. Following this first extraction process the partially extracted bovine hides are filled with fresh warm water in order to continue the extraction process at higher temperatures until all collagenous proteins are resolved.

3. Purification
The gelatin solution obtained in the previous process is directed through separators where it is detached from residual traces of fat from the bovine skins and from other insoluble particles. Precoat filters are then used to remove fine-particle contamination with the help of Kieselgur (diatomaceous earth), followed by membrane-filtrations. The purification of the gelatin is reached by removing residual salt in an ion exchange process.

4. Concentration
Complex multi-stage vacuum evaporators separate the grease marks of the rawmaterial and the insoluble particles from the extracted gelatin solution. Precoat filters, that even separate micronized impurities using diatomaceous earth (diatomaceous earth) and a membrane filtration complement the mechanical pre-treatment. By ion-exchange process, the gelatin is purified of salts.

5. Drying
After the concentration, the gelatin solution is heat-sterilized (138 – 140°C during 4 – 8 seconds) for safety purposes, cooled down and partially gelifyed. The resulting gelatin in the form of so called "gelatin noodles" which are equally distributed onto the dryer conveyor belt. The efficient drying is executed with sterilized air in several phases and the gelatin is split thereafter. The individual lots are tested and released after the successful completion of physical, chemical and bacteriological laboratory testing.

6. Blending, milling, sieving
These are the crucial processes, during which the dried gelatin is customized to the specific requirements of the individual clients. After the filling in silos, big-bags or bags and the final laboratory control the respective batches are forwarded to specialized logistic partners for the safe dispatch to the final users.